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ARCH art pieces and collectibles make perfect corporate gifts. We have been commissioned to create unique art pieces which have been presented to corporate leaders.


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The production of each piece begins in the studio. The designer begins every project by conducting in depth research on the subject. The next step is to digitally render the design to determine the right wood veneer as well as the number of layers required for the best effect. Each layer is etched out of 0.6mm thick wood veneer using precision laser cutting tools, and then painstakingly hand-assembled layer by layer. The finishing touches, framing and mounting of the art pieces are also done by hand.

ARCH uses only wood veneer obtained from sustainable sources. Among the types of wood used are beech, cherry, maple and oak. Each type of wood gives a unique grain pattern and a different tone so that different wood veneers can be combined for a multihued effect. Further variations in tone and texture are obtained by employing a variety of engraving techniques.

Every ARCH art piece includes a description of the design as well as information about the building or tradition that inspired it.

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ARCH art pieces and collectibles make perfect corporate gifts.

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