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the ARCH brand

Today, ARCH is recognised as a premium Malaysian brand with a high level of acceptance throughout the world. The brand is represented by an extraordinary range of made-in-Malaysia products that capture the uniqueness of some of the world’s greatest heritage landmarks. From small yet intricately fashioned items like magnets and bookmarks to one-of-a-kind commissions, each piece is a unique.

The name of the company and the brand is derived from the word “Architecture.” The arch and the bunga berbaling, a Malay batik motif that comprises a twining vine, are both associated with the company. The arch is an architectural feature that represents flexibility, perfection and strength, while the vine also signifies flexibility, as well as upward growth.

All these qualities are associated with the core strengths of ARCH. In particular, its flexibility is reflected in the company’s versatile, creative and innovative approach to providing design solutions.

These core strengths will stand ARCH in good stead as the company fulfils its aspiration to be a global company, promoting a worldwide awareness and appreciation of heritage. To this end, ARCH has adopted the theme, “One City, One Heritage,” that is reflected in its extensive and diverse collections.

a lasting tribute to the world’s heritage

By capturing the essence of cultural heritage and translating it into beautiful art pieces and miniatures, ARCH hopes to inspire a greater appreciation of conservation issues. ARCH believes that this is one of the effective ways of garnering support for the UNESCO World Heritage Programme as well as local heritage organisations.

As the company’s contribution and capabilities grow, it hopes to enhance its worldwide efforts by expanding its expansive Tribute Collection and World Landmarks Collection, which include the unique heritage aspects of different countries. In line with the concept of “One City, One Heritage,” each art piece in the Tribute Collection comprises an impressive montage of heritage icons of a particular city or culture, while the World Landmarks Collection captures images of some of the world’s most recognisable buildings and landmarks.

ARCH is aware that its efforts today will help to make a difference to the long-term conservation of architectural and cultural heritage. Therefore, as the company conducts its research, it is conscientiously compiling a digital archive of both world monuments and living heritage with a view to making this database of information, images and measured drawings available to the public.

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